At the beginning of each semester, fraternities will host events during this time to provide the opportunity to learn about the organization and meet members.

Professional Networking

With over a century of brotherhood, Upsilon Sigma Phi offers a unique and diverse network of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists to its members. By joining the alumni association, you have immediate direct access to contact all members as well as opportunities for networking events.

Life Long Friendships

Membership to the fraternity lasts well beyond graduation. Being a member of Upsilon Sigma Phi is an experience that will engender strong bonds of friendship and brotherhood. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities to stay involved beyond graduation through the ΥΣΦ Alumni Association.

Leadership Development

Becoming a brother of Upsilon Sigma Phi will open up opportunities for leadership development. The Alumni Association works very closely with active members to ensure that the organization produces strong leaders that will excel in their fields after graduation. All members have the opportunity to participate in resume building workshops and mock interviews provided by the Alumni Association. Upsilon Sigma Phi is committed to assisting all members in finding suitable career opportunities.

Upsilon Sigma Phi Reunion

Leadership Award

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